Few General Tips to Writing a Good Blog


Hello Friends, Hope you are writing good articles. Writing a blog is one of the current popular trends in the market. The goodness and correctness of the blog are differentiating a blogger from other blogs.

So, Today I will share you few tips to writing a good blog and might be few of authors is familiar with these tips.

Think Twice Before You Start.

This is a very good aspect regarding a blog. You must have to think before writing a blog.  Relax on the chair and think about a blog content which you are going to write for the day.

Did it usefully to the reader?

  • Think about your content and readers. Are they related to each other?
  • For how many readers it will be useful?

Will reader understate it?

  • Did your reader understand the concept of the content? If your previously readers are technically and you are writing new block for the non-technical reader then think of this condition.

Answer this questions before writing a blog.

Define Your Blog Structure

Before the start, to writing blog content you must have to set structure of your blog. This structure defines the page layout of your blog.

What will be the header of your blog?

  • Introduce yourself or introduce your topic. You can add a short description of your topic here.

What will be the middle content?

  • Here is your main goal will place. This place will contain actual part of your blog.
  • You have to write dip description of a blog.

What will be the end of the blog content?

  • This will be the end of your blog.
  • You have to write a short description about a conclusion or blog summary here.

You must have to think about above things before writing a blog.

Writing Method

For good blog content, you must have to follow the standard methods.  Write content in a paragraph.Few authors are writing every line on the new line (Like a paragraph) as this is good looking but it is not a proper way to write a blog.

You must have to start paragraph at the important level. So that paragraph will have some importance and it will be different than others. It means to give the reason to start the paragraph.

Use Headings

You must have to follow heading in the blog. It will be helpful in the SEO part. Also, heading helps to Google to highlight the topic.  Most readers are not reading the whole paragraph always, they just read a heading and going down to the next headline. If they like a heading then always they read a full paragraph. So, use proper attractive and meaningfully words in the headline.

Content Length

Always try to write a blog with minimum 300 words to 700 words. If your blog content is too big then people are not interesting to read it. Google allowing a big content but make sure that you have proper length of it as per reader favor.

Link Each Blog

In the blog content, if you using such words which are related to the previous blog topics then always linking them to that blog. So it will help you to make other blog lives. Using this method your page rank will not decrease.

Related Article/ Post

At the end of the blog content or in the sidebar you must have to show the related article of the current blog. It will help you to make a reader busy on your site.

Share content on the Social site

Share your each blog content on social sites to increase the traffic.

Subscribe Users

Add a textbox to subscribe the reader to your blog. And send emails about your new blog post so let them to all subscribers that you have added new blog content.


Hope these are helpful tips to you to write a good quality blog. Please feel free to ask anything related to the blog or you can pass your comments.

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