How I get Google AdSense Approval for 2 months old domain

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Getting stuck to Google AdSense Approval for the new domain which is less than 2 months old?

Yes, It is possible to get Google AdSense approval for Indians domain or the new domain which is less than 2 months old. I used few basic tips before applying to the AdSence and within 2 days my site was approved.

I was trying to apply for which is 6 months old and the which is 2 months old but my both domain was rejected by AdSense.  Google sending me emails and says “Your site Does not support to Google AdSense policies”. I tried many ways and read the many blogs but nothing happened with my sites.

I used following basic tips before applying Google AdSense and within 2 days after applying,  I get the approval from it and now you can see an ads on my site.

Nowadays, Google AdSense is approving sites by reviewing them manually. If they find any queries or the things which are against to their Google AdSense Policy then they reject your site immediately. So before applying to them, Use following tips and get approval Google AdSense withing a few days.

First, Apply below tips into your site before going to apply for the Google AdSense:

Unique Content in the site

In the Google AdSense Policy, Unique content is one of the highest criteria. If your site having duplicate contents then your site will be never approved for the AdSense. So Before applying to the Google AdSense, Remove all the duplicate contents and add unique content.

I checked the duplicate content on the Plagiarisma site and then wrote in simple ways.

High-Quality Content

High-Quality content always easy to understand. You can write the content in any language but make sure that it is easy to understand.

High-Quality content should be decorated well.

Avoid Sneaky Redirections

Always try to avoid sneaky redirections on the site and mobile. If you are using any third party plugin for redirections then deactivate it for the same time.

Read More about sneaky mobile redirections: Avoid Sneaky Redirections

Removed Ads

Try to remove all other ads from your site. Google AdSense does not have any issues with other ads but sometimes ads can create issues related to redirections and the popups.

Create Useful Pages

Generate the Privacy and policy page from here if you does not have it.

Create the following pages and place on the site which are easy to visible for readers.

Avoid Under Construction Banner

Never used under construction banners on the live site. Complete your all the pages and then apply for the Adsense. Never apply for AdSense if your pages are showing under construction banner or coming soon text.

Above are simple tips which I used on the  “” and “” domains and my domain are approved by Google Adsense even it is 2 months old and from India.  My another domain is approved by using above tips.

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