Simple Tips to Write a Blog For Beginners

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Are you looking for the tips for writing a blog? Then here you will get the solution.

To write a technical blog, there are few basic tips which you may have an idea and might be you have never used them while writing blogs. Anyways I will be sharing the tips.

What is a Blog?

Writing information related to your company or company pages or yourself or any other information on the web is called the blog.

How to write a Technical Blog?.

Select the title with popular SEO keyword: Search for the keyword about which you are going to write a blog. popular keywords are easy to find on google and you can easy get the traffics.

  • Google has announced the retirement from keywords and from the description so the Title of your blog is an important factor in the SEO.
  • You can get Seo keywords from:

The Slug with popular SEO keyword: Google is fetching results from URLs so you can add popular keywords in the slug (URL).

NOTE: Use Keywords in the title and slug which are related to your topic.

Introduction to the topic

Brief Introduction: This is your first section of the blog. Write a brief introduction of your topic in such way that reader must have to think and get interests to read whole your blog content. If the reader is interested to read your blog then and then they read your whole blog otherwise they just read the introduction and goes out from blog link.

žBlog Content

Description: This is your second section in the blog. In this section, you can write in details about your can express your thoughts in the systematics ways.

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In the content, body write about your blog purpose its importance and solutions in the paragraphs or in the bullet forms.

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Again Brief conclusion: this will be your last section. In the conclusion write why you wrote a blog and what is the solution of it. Generally, Conclusion is same as the introduction with the conclusion.

Few Tips on the blog

  • žTry to use more images to explain your thoughts: Readers are not interested to read each word. If you explained them by pictorial view then it easy to understand.
  • žDo not put the code in images: If you are placing demo links or codes in the content then do not place it as images. A reader having habits of copy and paste it they will in trouble and they try to find another solution instead of yours.
  • žLink your blog to each other: Using this method you can connect your old blogs with the currently new blog.
  • žShare your content: Always share your content on the social sites to get the free traffics.

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