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Every blogger wants to exposure his blog and there are various sites available in the market and using them you can increase your blog exposure and could improve your blog traffic also.

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In a simple manner, All directory listing site is getting your blog and exposed to a completely to the new audience using their channels so it will help you to increase your blog traffic and reach to a maximum number of viewers.

It is very easy to submit your details to the directory site. Also, you could submit your blog directory to google webmaster Tool.  But make sure that you will take care of all the blogs and regularly updates to it whenever it’s needed.

Search Engines And Social Sites

You can submit your blog to the search engines like,

  • Google Webmaster Tool
    • Using Google Webmaster Tool, You can submit your blog post-URLs.
    • You can use XML also.
  • Bing Webmaster Tool
  • Facebook
    • For Facebook, you can create a fan page and post your blog content on it so it will reach to viewer daily.
  • Twitter
    • This is same like Facebook. You can get benefits from all the social media site to reach to viewers but make sure that you have more friends with your accounts.

Top Blog Directories Sites


If you are interested in writing a blog then you can contact here also you can read more here .




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