How to show the last and newest modified post

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Blog Post Order By Modified Post

Are looking to change the blog post order by modified post? Here will you get the function which can convert your regular blog post listing by latest modified date.

Many times blogger is making changes in the blogs which are published in the last week or month or year as per their requirement. but the visitors are mostly landing on the home page many times if your home page rank is high. When visitors are landed on the home page then they can search for maximum 9 to 10 post and leave the site.

If your blog post is popular and having highest rank and you want to change the content after one year. After some time is your page rank is decreasing then you can modify it or you can increase the information in that blog. so blogger has to make sure that readers will find updated blog easily. When readers are landing on the home page and if he sees the latest modified blog post is available on the top position then they read it easily.

Many times blogger has written the blog in minimum words and after few days he /she has more enough content to explain the blog then he/she will modify that blog and then it will appear on the top list.

In WordPress default blog pages, post order is by published date and not by modified date. If you are going to add a query on the index.php or content.php page then you customized pagination will be not working for the page two, three and much more. So you have to add filters in the plugin or your function.php file.

WordPress Blog Post By Modified Date
WordPress Blog Post By Modified Date

I have created Increase Google Adsense Earning By Blocking Low Paying CPC blog in Dec month and then created Top Medical, Homeopathic, Doctor, Hospital, Health Care WordPress Theme post. You can check it on the above-mentioned image. In Feb I found more lowest CPC links and updated the blog and its appear first than a second blog.

Below is the filter to change the blog post by modified date. If your home page containing blog post then it will be working fine as working on our site.

  • In above WordPress Filter, you can the arguments as per requirement. Suppose your home page is your blog and you are showing latest 10 blog post then you need to modify arguments in above filter. e.g.

  • You can change it as per your requirement. Sometimes if you want to use the default number of the post then you can remove it.e.g.

  • If you want to use this filter only for particular post category then you can replace it with any category name as below.
  • If you want to use all blog post category and default number of the post then you can remove category name and posts_per_page for above filter.


In above filter we are using this attribute in the array ” ‘orderby’ =>’modified’ ” which will show your blog post by modified order. You can make the changed in this filter as per your requirement.

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